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About the “Merivale” Suburb of Tauranga

Real Estate

Merivale, established to the south of the late Avenues attracting first home buyers and investors.
A typically older subdivision the original 3 or 4 bedroom houses are constructed usually from weatherboard, brick or plaster and have a generous section size. Included within this area are a number of Housing New Zealand homes.

Due to the close proximity to town and the surrounding amenities the subdivision has grown in popularity and a proportion of these houses have been redeveloped and renovated.

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Esk Street Walkway. There is a 10 minute loop track through native bush at the back of Yatton Park. From the bottom of this loop, the Waimapu Walkway takes you along the foreshore of the Waimapu Estuary and gives extensive views across to Hairini. Approximately 10 minutes from Yatton Park, the Esk Street Walkway runs from the foreshore parallel to Esk Street taking you back to Fraser Street.

Yatton Park, a popular picnic and recreational spot for families is located on Fraser Street, and extends eastward to meet the harbour margin of the Waimpau Estuary. The Park comprises a mixture of 1970s bedding conifer, and native bush, plus a large planting of exotic trees (some dating back to the late 1800s).

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Amenities Fraser Cove Shopping Centre (includes The Warehouse, bar, restaurants, cafes, bakery, retail shops).

Schooling: Tauranga Girls College, Tauranga Boys College, Tauranga Intermediate, Merivale Primary School.

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